Piano Teacher in Yokkaichi, Lessons in English!

Do you need a piano teacher who speaks English? 

Rinko YOSHINO is here to help you!


Rinko studied piano interpretation at Kunitachi College of Music, The Graduate School of Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo, and received a Master of Arts degree.

Then she was admitted at Malmo Academy of Music in Sweden, where she enjoyed music in the beautiful Swedish countryside for two years.


She started her professional career as a pianist in Canada in 2001 and proceeded to work in Japan.

One of her major works is organizing concerts. She calls in young and talented musicians from abroad every year and performs with them in many places. 

At the same time, Rinko Yoshino is also invited to Poland once every two years where the excellent flutist Alicja Molitorys is active. The two have been performing concert tours all over Poland since 2012.


In addition, Rinko has taught music or English at high schools and junior high schools in Yokkaichi since 2004. She is very popular among her students.


In April 2018, she will open a course in piano lesson, solfege, and music theory.

Lessons will be held at the place below:


1-52-16 Sasagawa, Yokkaichi, Mie-pref. 

(Parking space is available.)



For Children under the second grade of elementary school

●25 - 30 min / 3 lessons / month : 6,000 yen

●25 - 30 min / 4 lessons / month : 8,000 yen


For Pupils in the 3rd - 6th grade of elementary school

●30 min / 3 lessons / month : 8,000 yen

●30 min / 4 lessons / month : 10,000 yen

●50 min / 3 lessons / month : 14,000 yen


Over 13-year-old Students (junior high scool students) and Adults 

●30 min / 1 lesson : 3,000 yen

●50 min / 1 lesson : 5,000 yen

●30 min / 3 lessons / month : 8,000 yen

●30 min / 4 lessons / month : 10,000 yen

●50 min / 3 lessons / month : 14,000 yen

●50 min / 4 lessons / month : 18,000 yen


Lessons must be cancelled one day before.


She will also undertake piano performance and arrangement. 

If you need such a piano teacher, please contact at:


080-1607-2547 (Rinko's cellphone)


The first trial lesson is free!


In case you have no reply from Rinko within three days after sending your message, please e-mail her one more time, or call her.

Thank you.


"Diamond-dust Night"

Composed and performed by Rinko Yoshino